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Heliopath’s August 2009 Mix

Posted in music by heliopath on August 20, 2009
Mougins August 2009

Mougins August 2009

For every summer for the past eight years I have spent the month of August it in a lovely little village called Mougins in the south of France. The car here, as lovely as it is, hasn’t picked up with the ipod generation and still depends on a diet of cds. It’s funny how cars with tape decks are actually better off than those with cds when dealing with the digital audio. I’ve tried out those shitty transmitter things but they never work unless you hold it in the perfect position. However, there is still something nostalgically refreshing in being forced to prepare a 70 minute mixed cd and getting everything you want on it. The art of being certain enough about what’s on there and the play order to “publish” it into physical finalized form.

So every year I end up making a few cds to smoothen the drive around and to get in the mood. Last year Girl Talk was a big hit. I’m quite pleased with the mix i created this year and thought it deserved a feature. so here is my August 2009 Mix for you to enjoy. It starts off strong and hard but cools down in the end. It features some surprising tracks (3OH!3 and plus 44 that i picked up from Aditi, which as naive as they are, still manage to tickle my fancy) and quite a few remixes.

Heliopath August 2009 Mix

1. Intro
2. Danny ByrdRed Mist
3. Rye RyeBang ft. M.I.A.
4. 3OH!3I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby
5. Plump DjsRocket Soul
6. Soul AssassinsWorld We’re In ft. Cynic
7. Groove ArmadaDrop The Tough (Van She B-Live Remix)
8. J-88The Look Of Love (Two Fingers Remix)
9. Bloc PartyWhere Is Home? (Diplo Remix)
10. White LiesDeath (Chase & Status Remix)
11. Florence and the MachineRabbit Heart
12. The BooksTokyo
13. Plus 44Make You Smile
14. Dj/rupturePlays John Cassavettes Pt. 2: Ekkehard Ehlers
15. Sebastian TellierLa Ritournelle


I created the playlist .xml file that’s in the zipped folder, so just create a new playlist and drop the whole folder in. It should automatically organize the order of things for you. As always please listen to it in the right order and let me know if you have any issues.

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