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Heliopath’s november guide for some music to check out

Posted in music by heliopath on November 28, 2011

Whadup world!

A London November sunset at 3:51 pm

According to me there are two things that make underground airline great:

1. Painfully erratically updates

Rather than compete with all those cluttered over-hyped noise blogs with 4 posts/hour, trying desperately to blog about something “new” and “hip” before someone else does. fuck that. 

We here at underground airline take our sweet ass time to handpick just the best. Things we really think is worth putting out there. Time and age of discovery is irrelevant. So deal with it. Follow/Subscribe to the blog so you get alerted when we post new things. It’s much nicer than having to check it all the time anyway.  


2. A Mixed bag

Three of us have such diverse styles of what we listen to. While there is certainly some overlap we do tend to venture far out into our own respective fields of taste. So our posts follow no predestined formula. They just evolve as our listening habits do, pulling you in different directions.

For me personally music is all about atmosphere. I want music to surround the room I am in and create a unique experience of a moment. I am big on soundtracks but at the same time music should not simply feature in the background. It should draw out emotions or highlight an emotional context. An active atmospheric soundscape that floods the mind like it floods the room. Ok ill stop with the flamboyant adjectives before I go back to sounding like one of the regular music blogs that i slashed out above.

Enough with the chatter, here are some people I am excited about these days:


Free The Robots

i heard about him once from a Gaslamp Killer interview, similiar sounds:



impulse remix


Nicolas Jaar 

with him one needs to exercise a little patience to let him get to where he’s going. Then when he gets there he doesn’t stay long enough. Fantastically delicate work. 




Why Didn’t You Save Me



Jon Hopkins

From the UK provides glitched out cinematic sounds



and his gritty intense nosaj thing remix

Listen well and feel free to share your thoughts with us below. 

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  1. christopher ives said, on December 11, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Free the Robots’ tremolo and old timey piano make me want to have a second halloween in December.

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