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youtube covers

Posted in video by hydeph on April 3, 2009

Once in a while, I come across some great covers on Youtube of favorite songs. Everyone seems to have either guitar or a voice but never both (others are woefully untalented and just suck…but keep trying!). Bravo to you beginners who post your cover during the high after a crush writes on your wall then get feedback like U ARE SHIT. Proceed to FML, guys. I’ve skimmed some of the cream (imho) below.
Kings of Leon – Use SomebodyAmazon.comLast.fm download the original

Radiohead – IdiotequeAmazon.comLast.fm download the original

Rachel’s – Water from the Same SourceAmazon.comLast.fm        download the original

gihm is a slugger — he’s batting 5/5 on almost all of his videos. Also check out his múm, GSYBE!, and EITS.

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twilight galaxy

Posted in music, video by hydeph on March 29, 2009

Metric – Twilight Galaxy (album version) (4:53) from “Fantasies” (2009)Amazon.comLast.fm

This pleasant track caught my attention on the new Metric album. I like the simple acoustic version in the video too and this is how I’ve been playing it…


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acoustic feel

Posted in music by hydeph on March 20, 2009
by Joss1998

by Joss1998

I had some pretty loose criteria for this playlist. The aim was to put together songs that have a gentle acoustic feel to them without necessarily being by solo singer-songwriters. I just threw in songs if they sounded stripped, featured acoustic guitar, or simply piqued my interest. Happy Spring.

Download a zip of the mix (10 songs, 45 mins.) with the playlist file.

Metric – Help, I’m Alive (Acoustic) (4:49) Amazon.com
Owen – Bad News (6:31) Last.fm
Sigur Rós – Heima (3:31) Amazon.com
Ghosts and Vodka – Andrea Loves Horses (1:38) Last.fm
Aloha – You’ve Escaped (3:27) Last.fm
Ani Difranco – Napoleon (4:37)Last.fm
One Trick Pony – Box Song (5:23) onetrickpony.com
The Sleeping Years – The Lockkeeper’s Cottage (5:06) Last.fm
Youth Group – Piece of Wood (3:10) Last.fm
Adem – These are Your Friends (6:35) Last.fm

This post was inspired by Holly Throsby @ Shoot the Player.

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