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I Choose Noise

Posted in music by heliopath on August 11, 2009

If you scroll through my itunes list you will find ample of songs featuring smooth beats below flirtatious melodies, whether its party/hype-up music or chill out/thinking music. But every once in a while I get into a mood where none of those will satisfy my musical thirst. Instead, all I really want is to be smashed in the eardrums with LOUD heavy consistent vibrations. just plain musical noise with little deviations- a slowly morphing fuzz, very few beats or melody but mainly just a chainsaw of sound that surrounds you completely. Dark and Dense. At the right volume it vibrates your body, mind and soul. You can lose yourself in the loud and harshness where within I always manage to find beauty from it somewhere. I can’t really explain it without sounding crazy. So just have a listen and decide for yourself, perhaps its not really for you.

So I have created a compilation of tracks that fit this type of mood. They all lack standard musical structure and do not even really have any drums (with the exception of moderat because apparat & modselektor just can’t resist the temptation to indulge in a little dance beat). I find these songs to be just within the realm of audio tolerance without breaking too many treble or bass barriers that usually cause headaches (the art so loved by noisecore) To me these are still smooth soundscapes that can pleasantly fill your ears.

I Choose Noise

Ben Frost – Theory of Machines
Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love for Planet Earth
Moderat – 3 Minutes of / Nasty Silence
Rachel’s – Even/Odd
Esmerine – Histories Repeating as 1000 Hearts Mend
Tyondai Braxton – A Sentence Worth A Thousand Words
Mogwai – Robot Chant
M83 – By The Kiss
Epic45 – Early 80’s Snowfall
Boards of Canada – Sherbet Head
Burial – Forgive


Theory Of Machines by Ben Frost (first song) is the song that inspired this post. Its exactly what I am going for here. Following him I have put in some other songs that I feel capture that intense craving I get from time to time. Its so loud and crunchy but something about it eventually becomes so beautiful to me. I was extremely tempted to throw in my ol favorite “birth and death of day (Jesu Remix)” because I find that one puts me in a trance as well, but I thought id save the repeat. Also there’s too much drums and normalcy. I hope it works for you and you find that you are able to lose yourself in an odd meditative sensation. Be sure to check the order of songs for best experience.

on a side note, Fuck Buttons

are coming up with something new, I am quite excited. A little teaser clip can be found here.

Telefon Tel Aviv

Posted in music by heliopath on April 9, 2009

So for a while now I have been listening to Telefon Tel Aviv. I discovered them in the most random way, on a trip to UNH to visit natalie magnatta and chris ives. during a One AM Radio concert that chris was organizing, someone played telefon tel aviv from an ipod in between sets. As soon as i heard the spacey laid back electronic sounds trickle through the speakers I knew I had to find out who it was and write it down.

I acquired Fahrenheit Fair Enough(2001) and Map Of What Is Effortless(2004) and listened to them both constantly. The two albums float around the same territory as each other, and that is somewhere between Apparat, Ulrich Schnauss and The Cinematic Orchestra (to my subjective ears and my frame of reference). Dreamy experimental electronic soundscapes with plenty of stutters, swirls, glitches and flips without being too beaty or glitchy, the tracks are anchored in with some emotional, reflective, substance and intent on top of a slow thoughtful beat. Map of what is effortless particularly has more vocals than its predecessor. They are fantastic for writing papers and generally being reflective. I personally have ascertained that these go well with late night hours, dark rooms and headphones.

What’s The Use Of Feet If We Haven’t Got Legs? (4:16)
When It Happens It Moves All By Itself (3:28)

Also to my delight, Apparat and Telefon are musically intertwined and have remixed each other.
Apparat – Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)(7:45)

Telefon Tel Aviv’s third album Immolate Yourself, released earlier this year, is a fantastic album. It truly marks a change in direction from the other two and shows that they have been paying close attention to where this type of music is headed. Flirting with sounds taken from more indie and electro scenes that has so big in the past year or two. I hate to use a pretentious cliches like “their sound has really matured on this album” but as painful as that is to read it is entirely true. They have always had a very delicate, not overly complex approach to their songs but here on immolate yourself right from the beginning “The Birds” fills your ears up with so much going on. The music is a lot more proactive and as a result a lot more engaging. There is something about it that feels very current, something about it that reminds me of the latest Animal Collective and TV on the Radio. Some of it even sounds a bit neo-80s like where M83 has been going lately. a reinvention of those old Cure like muffled sounds? particularly the song M is a bit like that.

Stand out tracks for me are
1. The Birds
2. Your Mouth
6. Stay Away From Being Maybe



On january 20th 2009, Telefon Tel Aviv released their third album Immolate Yourself. On january 21st 2009, Charles Cooper (pictured right) went missing and on the 22nd he was found dead. News articles speculate that he had a fight with his girlfriend before going off missing and that it might have been some sort of suicide. Quite creepy considering the title of the album. Such a tragic death indeed, according to the band’s myspace the other half, Josh Eustis, says he has endured the worst week of his life, that all shows are canceled and the future of the band is entirely uncertain.

really sad and shocking end to a really interesting duo that were going to go new and interesting places. I’m writing about them because I really enjoy their music, I have listened to it many times and to appreciate them for all they did. I wish Josh Eustis well and hope he will still make music for us to all enjoy. (perhaps he should join up with the better half of m83).

Sad story, but really check out the album if you were a fan of the last two or any of the other artists mentioned above.

free think

Posted in music by hydeph on March 8, 2009
These are 2 minimal composers I’ve been digging recently.  Riley’s ‘In C’ is apparently a monumental work in minimalist composition.  I tracked down the Bang on a Can version (I love their Brian Eno’s Music for Airports) after seeing this Metafilter post announcing the 45th anniversary.  Minimal & ambient is powerful stuff when your mind is in the right place.  These guys are fully streamable @ last.fm here (‘In C’ but not Bang on a Can) and here (Whitman’s Multiples).  I grabbed Bang on a Can from the awesome Glowing Raw.  It’s an epic post of minimalism across the board in case if you have the taste to sample more.
Bang on a Can, Terry Riley ‘In C’ (2001) Link to Amazon.com
In C (45:33)
Keith Fullerton Whitman ‘Multiples’ (2005) 
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music for airports

Posted in music, video by hydeph on March 7, 2009

Bang on a Can – Music for Airports (Brian Eno) Amazon.com Last.fm

Bang on a Can – 2/2 (12:04)

Thanks to Alex Itin for backing his poem with 1/1 and leading me to this.

Music for Airports (NYC-PDX) - Alex Itin

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