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go get your laptop. make some music.

Posted in music by hydeph on March 26, 2009

Music is a symbolic art. A painter gets the sensory feedback immediately, but musicians are used to writing things on paper and hearing them later. So they have to deal with symbols, things that are some distance away from where they are at the sensory level. It might be why music was the first of the arts to make so much artistic use of the computer.

John Chowning, composer via AMS.org

Lazer Sword by Jelle Spanjaard

Lazer Sword by Jelle Spanjaard

Anyone catch Mary Anne Hobbs on xlr8r tv a few episodes back? She talks about the connection West coast blap/glitch hop/whatever has to the UK dubstep scene. Throughout the episode she drops a lot of names to seek out if you’re looking for new (and some older) electronic music. I like a lot of the stuff these guys put out because they tend to sit in the sweet spot between doing something progressive and just making a fun mess. Here are a few favorites I’ve culled from my ipod.

Lazer Sword – Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex (LZRSWRDRMX) (4:07) Myspace
The Gaslamp Killer – 10 (0:44) from “I Spit on Your Grave” Mix gaslampkiller.comMyspace
Flying Lotus – Breath. Something/Stellar ST (3:20) from “Los Angeles” flying-lotus.comMyspace
Flying Lotus – Sleepy Dinosaur (1:55) from “Los Angeles” flying-lotus.comMyspace