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Posted in music by hydeph on March 11, 2009
photo by Photo Rod | Le-HibOO.com

photo by Photo Rod | Le-HibOO.com

This first song is a special one. It elevates my mood or helps me find center on a fraught stomach. It’s by Rachel’s (currently on hiatus) from their most recent disc Systems/Layers (2003). I’ll no doubt post more from them in the future. ‘Last Things Last’ features guest vocals from Shannon Wright. If it’s quiet and you listen with headphones you can hear Rachel Grimes manipulate the piano’s pedals (effin’ magic, right?)

Last Things Last (3:32) (Systems/Layers 2003)Amazon.com

Shannon’s songwriting is the transfiguration of self into music. I imagine these songs are the pure sap of her creative process unrefined and unstrained. Of course that’s not true. Like any artist she edits and she records new versions. To me, her songs are sobering and, in an artistic sense of the word, truth. Her whole discography kills so I had a hard time picking songs to post, but I tried to balance my favorites with ones that show her style.

Shannon Wright
Method of Sleeping (3:22) (Dyed in the Wool 2001)Amazon.com
With Closed Eyes (4:39) (Over the Sun 2004)Amazon.com
Heavy Crown (3:31) (Maps of Tacit 2000)Amazon.com

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