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Posted in music by hydeph on May 25, 2009
amitc1206 @ flickr

Dodge Stratus - amitc1206 @ flickr

In high school, I just had a tape deck in my car so I packed the center console with cassettes and mixes I’d make from my CDs.  These are songs on those tapes that I used to play on the way to and from school.  Throwing on good tunes while waiting to get out of the parking lot was always a good way to exhale.


grin and bear it

Posted in music by hydeph on May 18, 2009
Matelandia @ deviantart

from Matelandia @ deviantart

Years at college broadened my listening habits mostly thanks to the fine gents here at UA. If you seek a more palpable connection with music find some good friends to share it with. The natural social activity around music objects like tracks, albums, artists, live shows, and so forth has a home on the social web now. It’s a great way to invite the influence of others.
Anyway…despite horizontal explorations, I’ve always felt that fast & aggressive represents my core genre. It makes up a smaller percentage of what I listen to now but that slice has been trending to more extreme forms & subgenres ever since 6th grade. I’ve thrown up a few tracks to scratch the itch and get back to my roots.


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