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Two Fingers

Posted in music by heliopath on March 8, 2009

I’ve been following the Brazilian born beat maker Amon Tobin for quite some time now. His creativity started in light jazzy beats which found him very at home with Ninja Tune. But with each recording he spun off into darker and harder spaces, eventually scoring the earie soundtrack to the video game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Foley Room, his most recently project was done by field recording where he took natural earthly sounds and twisted them into a dark ambient grooves.

While his records are always cleverly constructed with intricate details, his live shows are a lot more free form, mixing short clips of his songs on top of faster paced stuff he has found and enjoys. He seems to have a particular affinity to drum n bass which he keeps coming back to, but there are usually moments in between when he slows everything down for some heavy handed hiphop. a live set he did at Donaufestival in april last year which is available for free on his website is done more in this slower style, using a lot of new material. I really recommend it.

It seems like distorted hip hop (a description rather than a term) has gotten more popular in the indie party scene. Artists like Girl Talk and Diplo take it to their shows chopping up popular radio tracks onto layers of more unknown ones, to create a collage of distantly familiar new music. These are merely two of the biggest, I know that there are many others doing other creative things in this area. Amon Tobin jumps in this game with his side project: Two Fingers

Amon Tobin and friend Double Click (Joe Chapman) from Brighton, UK join together to create cutting edge ruthlessly heavy hip hop tunes. Big boisterous beats fueled with biomechanical sound effects thrown in the mix that all float on that edge between noise and music. And i love it. It even has that dark bite that I love Amon so much for. even if it’s not in 5.1 they always manage to inspire that sensation that it is, and that you are under attack from guns blazing from every direction. I don’t know too much about Double Click but I am sure the spices he adds to the mix is extremely essential to the overall Two Fingers sound. While the two of them mainly focus on production, they recruit all sorts of people to come on and provide vocal tracks. Most notably mercury prized uk hip hop rapper Sway puts some clever quick lines on top of the music. Some how the combination of smooth flawless flow works well on top of an unsettling, unstable, volcanic background.

Amon often incorporates some of Two Fingers songs in his most recent live sets. Whatever he does, he seems to hit the right spot for me, whether it’s careful produced records, fast paced drum n bass sets, remixes; and now this seems to be quite exciting. It is with good reason that he is my top artist on last.fm and equally appropriate that my first post be about him. his website is pretty neat too check it out

Two Fingers album is going to be released 7th of April in the UK (Big Dada) and 14th of April in America (Paper Bag) And I really can’t wait. But for now here is a taste of what is to come and my my does it look promising.

Two Fingers Album Show Reel (6:58)

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