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Posted in music by hydeph on October 31, 2009

Sunrise or sunset on Mars

I’m really appreciating the CG space vistas from the observation deck of the Destiny on SGU. They’re pretty stunning…especially for a Syfy show. Last week, I came across a share-worthy two part series [1, 2] of photo epics on the Daily Kos taking us through the solar system (via Mithridates). It left me guessing at what real flybys might look like from the viewing window on a touring vessel. In particular, I like the photo at the top because, even though the Sun and atmospheric effects are otherworldly, it still has an unmartian feel.

RJD2 – Thine Planetarium from Tin Foil Hat

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Sister Gertrude Morgan – Gospel

Posted in music by Britt Melewski on April 18, 2009

I recently (whatever) ran into a friend on the internette. He is currently living in London—Hello to you Mark Ess. . . can you find him? He mentioned to me that he has gotten caught up in a small fissure of esoteric gospel music. I was instantly turned off because I thought of Crefflo $’s prognosticating and people of the like who sort of rent godliness; who consign The various Gospels to hoodwink the vulnerable or sell the latest sin. But Mark S. is an amazingly gifted judge of the special— he knows his everything, but he is especially knowledgeable in a great array of music and literature milieus. Mark, I thank you for the recommendation.


Our subject is Sister Gertrude Morgan. She was an artist, the operator of an orphanage, a poet, a missionary, and, as highlighted in the post, she was a preacher. She patrolled the streets of New Orleans tirelessly, spreading The Word of the Lord. Using only her hearty voice, her passion, and—at times— a tambourine, she channeled through herself an unyielding faith “way in the middle of the air.”

Pieces of her art, along with a more specific/better written bio can be viewed here . The paintings remind me, somewhat, of Daniel Johnston’s , maybe? : simplistic, but psychedelic/inspirations from the wily subconscious/a similar style.


When it comes to the Bride of Christ’s recording collection, it is slim pickin’s. I’m going to post a few tracks from a field-recording session from the 1970 Let’s Make a Record. This is a collection that follows Gertrude in her natural state: The Sister; an unaccompanied acoustic extension of her God.

If you want a more contemporary Sister Gertrude experience, King Britt put out a remix album. It’s not just clicks beats and bass from the accomplished hip hop dealer. The King attempts to keep the authenticity of Gertrude’s simplicity and folk ghost. In the recordings, along with the keys and percussions, you will find harmonica, acoustic guitar and other folk wears. It’s a great mix of old and new. “I am the living bread,” has a wonderful feel.

You can purchase both records on amazon.com, so do it brother/sister! Don’t be square.

Few of the tracks from Let’s Make a Record are available on last.fm

Here is my little play-list sample. The following songs are included:

Sister Performing Solo:

Let Us Make A Record

Way In The Middle Of The Air


I Was Heard From The Wound In His Side

King Britt Remix:

I Am The Living Bread

Live Like Jesus

New World In My View

Precious Lord Lead Me On

Let Us Make A Record

These Sister Gertrude Morgan ditties hit me the deepest, for the exception of King Britt’s take on Let Us Make A Record. I only added that track so listeners can hear the direct contrast between the two recording sets. Enjoy– three people who view this!

If you are getting frustrated and can not find the play list.  Please click the blue Playlist button here.

go get your laptop. make some music.

Posted in music by hydeph on March 26, 2009

Music is a symbolic art. A painter gets the sensory feedback immediately, but musicians are used to writing things on paper and hearing them later. So they have to deal with symbols, things that are some distance away from where they are at the sensory level. It might be why music was the first of the arts to make so much artistic use of the computer.

John Chowning, composer via AMS.org

Lazer Sword by Jelle Spanjaard

Lazer Sword by Jelle Spanjaard

Anyone catch Mary Anne Hobbs on xlr8r tv a few episodes back? She talks about the connection West coast blap/glitch hop/whatever has to the UK dubstep scene. Throughout the episode she drops a lot of names to seek out if you’re looking for new (and some older) electronic music. I like a lot of the stuff these guys put out because they tend to sit in the sweet spot between doing something progressive and just making a fun mess. Here are a few favorites I’ve culled from my ipod.

Lazer Sword – Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex (LZRSWRDRMX) (4:07) Myspace
The Gaslamp Killer – 10 (0:44) from “I Spit on Your Grave” Mix gaslampkiller.comMyspace
Flying Lotus – Breath. Something/Stellar ST (3:20) from “Los Angeles” flying-lotus.comMyspace
Flying Lotus – Sleepy Dinosaur (1:55) from “Los Angeles” flying-lotus.comMyspace

Two Fingers

Posted in music by heliopath on March 8, 2009

I’ve been following the Brazilian born beat maker Amon Tobin for quite some time now. His creativity started in light jazzy beats which found him very at home with Ninja Tune. But with each recording he spun off into darker and harder spaces, eventually scoring the earie soundtrack to the video game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Foley Room, his most recently project was done by field recording where he took natural earthly sounds and twisted them into a dark ambient grooves.

While his records are always cleverly constructed with intricate details, his live shows are a lot more free form, mixing short clips of his songs on top of faster paced stuff he has found and enjoys. He seems to have a particular affinity to drum n bass which he keeps coming back to, but there are usually moments in between when he slows everything down for some heavy handed hiphop. a live set he did at Donaufestival in april last year which is available for free on his website is done more in this slower style, using a lot of new material. I really recommend it.

It seems like distorted hip hop (a description rather than a term) has gotten more popular in the indie party scene. Artists like Girl Talk and Diplo take it to their shows chopping up popular radio tracks onto layers of more unknown ones, to create a collage of distantly familiar new music. These are merely two of the biggest, I know that there are many others doing other creative things in this area. Amon Tobin jumps in this game with his side project: Two Fingers

Amon Tobin and friend Double Click (Joe Chapman) from Brighton, UK join together to create cutting edge ruthlessly heavy hip hop tunes. Big boisterous beats fueled with biomechanical sound effects thrown in the mix that all float on that edge between noise and music. And i love it. It even has that dark bite that I love Amon so much for. even if it’s not in 5.1 they always manage to inspire that sensation that it is, and that you are under attack from guns blazing from every direction. I don’t know too much about Double Click but I am sure the spices he adds to the mix is extremely essential to the overall Two Fingers sound. While the two of them mainly focus on production, they recruit all sorts of people to come on and provide vocal tracks. Most notably mercury prized uk hip hop rapper Sway puts some clever quick lines on top of the music. Some how the combination of smooth flawless flow works well on top of an unsettling, unstable, volcanic background.

Amon often incorporates some of Two Fingers songs in his most recent live sets. Whatever he does, he seems to hit the right spot for me, whether it’s careful produced records, fast paced drum n bass sets, remixes; and now this seems to be quite exciting. It is with good reason that he is my top artist on last.fm and equally appropriate that my first post be about him. his website is pretty neat too check it out

Two Fingers album is going to be released 7th of April in the UK (Big Dada) and 14th of April in America (Paper Bag) And I really can’t wait. But for now here is a taste of what is to come and my my does it look promising.

Two Fingers Album Show Reel (6:58)

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