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Posted in music by hydeph on March 8, 2009
These are 2 minimal composers I’ve been digging recently.  Riley’s ‘In C’ is apparently a monumental work in minimalist composition.  I tracked down the Bang on a Can version (I love their Brian Eno’s Music for Airports) after seeing this Metafilter post announcing the 45th anniversary.  Minimal & ambient is powerful stuff when your mind is in the right place.  These guys are fully streamable @ last.fm here (‘In C’ but not Bang on a Can) and here (Whitman’s Multiples).  I grabbed Bang on a Can from the awesome Glowing Raw.  It’s an epic post of minimalism across the board in case if you have the taste to sample more.
Bang on a Can, Terry Riley ‘In C’ (2001) Link to Amazon.com
In C (45:33)
Keith Fullerton Whitman ‘Multiples’ (2005) 
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