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february 5+

Posted in music by hydeph on February 19, 2012

I’ll go along with the idea to post 5+ things to represent what I’ve been listening to each month.

Stream it on 8tracks
Download a zip     9 songs, 47 mins., 95mb (open the .m3u playlist)

1. Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless [“Attack On Memory” 2012]
2. Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi – Subsequently [“Still You Lay Dreaming: Tales for the Stage, II” 2011]
3. The Knocks Ft. Mandy Lee – Midnight City (M83 Cover) [2012]
4. Andrew Bird – Night Sky [“Norman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” 2011]
5. The Pauses – The Leap Year [“A Cautionary Tale” 2011]
6. Rabbit Rabbit Radio – Hush, Hush [“Vol. 1 – Feb. 2012” 2012]
7. Chad Vangaalen – Rabid Bits of Time [“Norman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” 2011]
8. John Williams – The Planet Krypton [“Superman The Movie” 1978]
9. Wolves in the Throne Room – Ahrimanic Trance [“Black Cascade” 2009]

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april hodgepodge

Posted in music by hydeph on May 9, 2011

Stream it on 8tracks
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1. The Lonely Forest – Turn Off This Song And Go Outside [“Arrows” 2011]
2. Tune-Yards – Es-So [“W H O K I L L” 2011]
3. The Joy Formidable – The Butterfly’s Last Spell [“It’s Just a World Apart” 2011]
4. The Head And The Heart – Lost in my Mind
5. Clams Casino – Motivation (Lil B) [“Clams Casino” 2011]
6. Deerhoof – The Greg Saunier Retaliation [“Almost Xiu Xiu, Almost Deerhoof” 2011]
7. David Bowie – Quicksand [“Hunky Dory” 1971]
8. 8in8 – The Problem with Saints [“Nighty Night” 2011]
9. Radiohead – Lotus Flower [“The King of Limbs” 2011]
10. Gold Panda – Win-san Western [“Companion” 2011]
11. Immortal Technique – Dance with the Devil [“Revolutionary, Vol. 1” 2005]
12. Clams Casino – The World Needs Change (Soulja Boy) [“Clams Casino” 2011]
13. Richard Skelton – Undertow [“Landings” 2010]
14. The Caretaker – Request Dance [“Selected Memories From the Haunted Ballroom” 2006]

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february hodgepodge

Posted in music by hydeph on February 19, 2011

So I immediately fell off the wagon with these hodgepodge mixes, but I’m back at it now.

Stream it on 8tracks
Download a zip     12 songs, 53 mins., 97mb

1. Flying Lotus – Intro: A Cosmic Drama [“Cosmogramma” 2010]
2. Geoff Farina – The Rights [“Reverse Eclipse” 2001]
3. Tim Hecker – The Piano Drop [“Ravedeath, 1972” 2011]
4. Karate – Corduroy [“Some Boots” 2002]
5. Geoff Farina, Luther Gray, Dan Littleton – Harmonia [“New Salt” 2005]
6. Neutral Milk Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three [“In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” 1998]
7. Hey Marseilles – Calabasas [“To Travels And Trunks” 2010]
8. Parts & Labor – Neverchanger [“Constant Future” 2011]
9. Deaf Center – Time Spent [“Owl Splinters” 2011]
10. Goldmund – Heavenfallen [“The Heart of High Places” 2010]
11. Norberto Lobo – Brisa Biónica [“Pata Lenta” 2009]
12. The Durutti Column – II Chant [“A Paean to Wilson” 2010]

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hodgepodge mixes

Posted in music by hydeph on November 6, 2010

Each time I turn over the music on my ipod, I think I’ll toss up a few tracks from the outgoing lot. Here is the first in this series of hodgepodge mixes.

Stream it on 8tracks
Download a zip     10 songs, 51 mins., 94.97mb

1. Amanda Palmer – High and Dry [Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulel 2010]
2. Kings of Leon – Pickup Truck [Come Around Sundown 2010]
3. Lorn – Army of Fear [Nothing Else 2010]
4. Teebs – Arthur’s Birds [Ardour 2010]
5. Tomorrowland – Sequence [Sequence of the Negative Space Changes 1998]
6. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Soft Trees Break The Fall [The Social Network: Five Track Sampler 2010]
7. Tomorrowland – Sunbeam [Sequence of the Negative Space Changes 1998]
8. The Field – Silent [From Here We Go Sublime 2007]
9. Shannon Wright – Dim Reader [Secret Blood 2010]
10. The Black Heart Procession – Drugs (Remix by Eluvium) [Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit 2010]

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Fading Leaves – October/November mix

Posted in music by heliopath on November 16, 2009

Here is my mix for the late fall season. These are some of the tracks I have picked up while watching leaves around me fall and crumple to their death. Moody reflectional work for cold windy walks around the city that yet cling on to the last remaining threads of optimism. Slowly these too will fade away and fall apart, like the leaves that leave a tree vulnerable and naked. Hopefully that complex mood is realised throughout this mix as you make your way from song to song. When winter comes around I will pull out some of my dark, heavy and end of the world stuff for you. In the meantime, this is for that silent deterioration of sunny summer dreams being poisoned by the oncoming darkness of winter. Don’t get me wrong, i love fall. This natural breakdown is actually a peaceful and beautiful process. A drawn out transition period from the easy and comfortable into the bare unknown. In many ways quite apt for my current personal changing of circumstances.

Surprisingly, despite my recent overdose of Indian wedding ceremonies, I resisted adding bollywood hit “desi girl” to this mix as it might not fit in the overall theme. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer:

Heliopath’s October/November mix

1. Amon Tobin – It’s A Lovely Night
2. Animal Collective – Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix)
3. Muffler – Hear Me Scream
4. Telefon Tel Aviv – TTV
5. Ben Benjamin – Sideways Cerebus
6. Bichi – Revolve The Sun / My Footfalls Are Superfluous
7. Nosaj Thing – Aquarium
8. The XX – Shelter
9. Low – Breaker
10. Thom Yorke – Black Swan
11.Kid CuDi – Persuit of Happiness (Feat. MGMT and Ratatat)

download the zip I tried including the xml playlist file but on some tests it hasn’t been working. So I need you to please place these songs in the right order in a new playlist for maximum enjoyment.


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september mix

Posted in music by hydeph on September 30, 2009

It’s been up for a while but I want to comment here on a mix I put on 8tracks before we leave September. Most of this playlist is songs that I’ve wanted to do something with but I’ve had a hard time fitting in elsewhere. Cloud Cult – Feel Good Ghosts is a fun album. I probably would’ve put more songs from them if 8tracks allowed it. I picked ‘Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide’ because of this line:

“I’m done with all of that poop that brings me down…”.

I can’t turn down a song like that.

Listen on 8tracks or Download zip w/ playlist (77.43mb, 50mins)

  1. Cloud Cult – Must Explore from Feel Good Ghosts
  2. Volcano! – Fairy Tale from Paperwork
  3. Hella – 1-800-Ghost-Dance from Hold Your Horse Is
  4. The Antlers – Wake from Hospice
  5. Cloud Cult – Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide from Feel Good Ghosts
  6. Working for a Nuclear Free City – Asleep at the Wheel from Businessmen & Ghosts
  7. Explosions in the Sky – A Song for Our Fathers from How Strange, Innocence
  8. Blackfilm – Stalingrad from Blackfilm
  9. Goldfrapp – Human from Felt Mountain
  10. Glowworm – Lux from The Coachlight Woods
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may mix

Posted in music by hydeph on May 25, 2009
amitc1206 @ flickr

Dodge Stratus - amitc1206 @ flickr

In high school, I just had a tape deck in my car so I packed the center console with cassettes and mixes I’d make from my CDs.  These are songs on those tapes that I used to play on the way to and from school.  Throwing on good tunes while waiting to get out of the parking lot was always a good way to exhale.


An Early Summer’s Eve Picnic mix

Posted in music by heliopath on May 11, 2009

hey guys, sorry it has been so quiet here on the London front lately. I’ve been amassing knowledge and preparing for some big exams. Luckily amidst this tense and studious period, I have also managed to pick up some great new music to share with you.

It is late spring/early summer which always makes me think of evening barbecues and picnics in parks and beaches, as everyone attempts to escape daily stress and find a temporary moment of peace and hapiness as the sun strives to outlive the previous day. If you are lucky enough to be living in Boston you might be drinking Samuel Adam’s Summer Ale, which sadly we don’t get in london; but nice weather here usually means Pimm’s Lemonade. However you might be indulging in this early summer activity, before you start to take good weather for granted, you cant but feel the the “life is good / the glass is half full” vibes.

Anyway I composed a set of mixes (A side and B side if you will) to capture this mood of a relaxed summer evening spent at a beautiful place with great friends, drinks and food. The particular scene I have in my head is the beach barbecue scene in Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind – specifically the contrast between arriving and departing. The first “Sunlight Mix” are vibrant songs that should be heard under the evening falling sun, while the second “Sunset Mix” are somber songs to be heard while the sun is setting and darkness creeps up. You might be packing up and driving home, or you might be starting a fire and laying under the stars.


Sunlight Mix

1. The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (Soulwax Remix)
2. The Presets – The Boy’s In Love
3. Dan Deacon – Woof Woof
4. Passion Pit – Little Secrets
5. Apes & Androids – Nights of the Week
6. Daedelus – At My Heels
7. The Avalanches – Electricity
8. The Books – All Bad Ends All
9. Micachu & The Shapes – Calculator
10. You, You’re Awesome – Two Muffins

Click on the picture to go stream from 8tracks.com
Download the zip of this mix (zip file is not in order, please order it yourself into a playlist for best experience)

Sunset Mix

    1. Four Tet – Leila Came Round & We Watched a Video
    2. Beirut – Nantes (Remix)
    3. Telepopmusik – Smile
    4. Noriko Tujiko – White Film
    5. High Places – From Stardust to Sentience
    6. Trifonic – Good Enough
    7. Maps – When You Leave
    8. Get Well Soon – I Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed Me
    9. Explosions in the sky – The Birth and Death of Day (Jesu Mix)
    10. Adem – To Cure a Weakling Child/ Boy Girl Song

    Click on the picture to go stream from 8tracks.com
    Download the zip of this mix (zip file is not in order, please order it yourself into a playlist for best experience)

    I know i’ve already overloaded you with music but as a Bonus, for those of you who that don’t have this song, there is no day more beautiful than one with Davyan Cowboy blasting loudly.

april mix

Posted in music by hydeph on April 27, 2009
Message in the clouds by James Jordan (@Flickr)

Message in the clouds by James Jordan (@Flickr)

I started with 3 songs in mind from artists I’ve seen most recently (The Books, Efterklang, Peter Broderick) then filled in the rest. This should be a pretty mellow group so if you feel the urge to dance to more than 2 songs something has gone horribly wrong. Please visit the service desk for a refund.

Stream this @ 8tracks.
Download a zip of mp3s w/ playlist (9 songs, 48min)

1. B.Fleischmann – As If from “Welcome Tourist” (6:04)
2. Tokyo Police Club – Be Good (RAC Remix) (2:46)
3. Mice Parade – Galileo from “Ramda” (6:15)
4. The Album Leaf – An Interview from “An Orchestrated Rise to Fall” (2:33)
5. The Shins – Sleeping Lessons (RAC Remix) (4:18)
6. The Books – There is No There from “The Lemon of Pink” (3:37)
7. Efterklang – Swarming from “Tripper” (6:32)
8. Múm – The Land Between Solar Systems from “Finally We Are No One” (11:59)
9. Peter Broderick – Games Again from “Roscoe” (4:03)

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acoustic feel

Posted in music by hydeph on March 20, 2009
by Joss1998

by Joss1998

I had some pretty loose criteria for this playlist. The aim was to put together songs that have a gentle acoustic feel to them without necessarily being by solo singer-songwriters. I just threw in songs if they sounded stripped, featured acoustic guitar, or simply piqued my interest. Happy Spring.

Download a zip of the mix (10 songs, 45 mins.) with the playlist file.

Metric – Help, I’m Alive (Acoustic) (4:49) Amazon.com
Owen – Bad News (6:31) Last.fm
Sigur Rós – Heima (3:31) Amazon.com
Ghosts and Vodka – Andrea Loves Horses (1:38) Last.fm
Aloha – You’ve Escaped (3:27) Last.fm
Ani Difranco – Napoleon (4:37)Last.fm
One Trick Pony – Box Song (5:23) onetrickpony.com
The Sleeping Years – The Lockkeeper’s Cottage (5:06) Last.fm
Youth Group – Piece of Wood (3:10) Last.fm
Adem – These are Your Friends (6:35) Last.fm

This post was inspired by Holly Throsby @ Shoot the Player.

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