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bon iver

Posted in music by hydeph on July 27, 2009

Bon Iver from ryan muir @ Flickr

Bon Iver from ryan muir @ Flickr

I came late to the Bon Iver party, but ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’Amazon.com is a great album. I saw them when they did Skinny Love on Letterman. So I poked around looking for someone who had written up chords for Flume and, while the chords were mostly right, I felt the tunings were off (saw a lot of standard and 1/2 step down). This version from the album sounds 1/4 step down to me. I pulled the lyrics from some site and I’m just going to have to trust the internet on this one because I have no clue what he’s really singing with that voice.

Bon Iver – Flume from ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’
Bon Iver – Creature Fear Live at Glastonbury 2009


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twilight galaxy

Posted in music, video by hydeph on March 29, 2009

Metric – Twilight Galaxy (album version) (4:53) from “Fantasies” (2009)Amazon.comLast.fm

This pleasant track caught my attention on the new Metric album. I like the simple acoustic version in the video too and this is how I’ve been playing it…


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acoustic feel

Posted in music by hydeph on March 20, 2009
by Joss1998

by Joss1998

I had some pretty loose criteria for this playlist. The aim was to put together songs that have a gentle acoustic feel to them without necessarily being by solo singer-songwriters. I just threw in songs if they sounded stripped, featured acoustic guitar, or simply piqued my interest. Happy Spring.

Download a zip of the mix (10 songs, 45 mins.) with the playlist file.

Metric – Help, I’m Alive (Acoustic) (4:49) Amazon.com
Owen – Bad News (6:31) Last.fm
Sigur Rós – Heima (3:31) Amazon.com
Ghosts and Vodka – Andrea Loves Horses (1:38) Last.fm
Aloha – You’ve Escaped (3:27) Last.fm
Ani Difranco – Napoleon (4:37)Last.fm
One Trick Pony – Box Song (5:23) onetrickpony.com
The Sleeping Years – The Lockkeeper’s Cottage (5:06) Last.fm
Youth Group – Piece of Wood (3:10) Last.fm
Adem – These are Your Friends (6:35) Last.fm

This post was inspired by Holly Throsby @ Shoot the Player.

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shannon wright

Posted in music by hydeph on March 11, 2009
photo by Photo Rod | Le-HibOO.com

photo by Photo Rod | Le-HibOO.com

This first song is a special one. It elevates my mood or helps me find center on a fraught stomach. It’s by Rachel’s (currently on hiatus) from their most recent disc Systems/Layers (2003). I’ll no doubt post more from them in the future. ‘Last Things Last’ features guest vocals from Shannon Wright. If it’s quiet and you listen with headphones you can hear Rachel Grimes manipulate the piano’s pedals (effin’ magic, right?)

Last Things Last (3:32) (Systems/Layers 2003)Amazon.com

Shannon’s songwriting is the transfiguration of self into music. I imagine these songs are the pure sap of her creative process unrefined and unstrained. Of course that’s not true. Like any artist she edits and she records new versions. To me, her songs are sobering and, in an artistic sense of the word, truth. Her whole discography kills so I had a hard time picking songs to post, but I tried to balance my favorites with ones that show her style.

Shannon Wright
Method of Sleeping (3:22) (Dyed in the Wool 2001)Amazon.com
With Closed Eyes (4:39) (Over the Sun 2004)Amazon.com
Heavy Crown (3:31) (Maps of Tacit 2000)Amazon.com

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