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Posted in music by Britt Melewski on March 8, 2009

Dear diary,

Much to the chagrin of my two fellow blog-mates, I have been injecting myself with a steady dose of 90’s Top 50 grime. I’m off the Mo-Town for the time being.  Lately, it’s been all Ace of Base, Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage”, Collective Soul’s “Shine” and Marc Morrison’s “Return of the Mac”. I did nothing Saturday night aside from getting high on “Kinda High, Kinda Drunk,” by the recently arrested Coolio. Advice from Coolio and I: if you are ever arrested, don’t not have drugs on you, just don’t have drugs on you. Anyway, let’s be more proper and get you into my active tube of Underground Airline—. ( trademark?)

On top of the top 50, I haven’t been able to turn off the San Francisco-based band Nodzzz. I am completely uneducated in general, but more specifically in the post-punk, old- soul, no-wave, garage sandwich, easy listening, do-it-yourself music scene. There is no gentle way to describe Nodzzz (I’m not trying to win a date). They are nerdy, ‘special,’ oblique, fun, and free. Picture a puppy sitting in a six thousand dollar toilet, and it drops off a roof and it into a Chinese restaurant’s goldfish pond, that’s Nodzzz.


I am terrible at comparing bands I love to other bands.  But since I’m trying to be a proper critic: they are like The Police with balls, or U2 without the money problems.  They are loving men. Anthony Atlas is lead guitar and vox. He’s an old high school pal of mine and my, has he grown?! Seriously, the man writes such clever hilarious pop hooks, wonderful soulful songs. He was in other bands including the hardcore group Down In Flames and Olympia’s Study Buddies. Sean Paul is rhythm guitar and back-up vocals. Eric is the drummer. The trio met through a drunken match.com profile creation party, and the rest ===arrow=== history.

Short and sweet: Nodzzz’s songs rarely go beyond two minutes. This sometimes leaves the listener wanting more, but it’s because the shit is that damn cute and awesome that we don’t care.  Their new 12” is available at othermusic.com for cheap. Buy Buy Buy! I recently saw them live at the Underground Lounge in EN Why Sea— a wonderful time. Follow the white rabbit and DL their live show for free: performed at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn.

I’m also uploading an EXCLUSIVE Mp3(s) from their new 12” that you can probably find at 3 million alternate locations, but here you go anyway: “Coolio” (just wanted it see it in print one last time).

Losing My Accent

Highway Memorial Shrine

Drive to Nodzzz’s Myspace thru here.