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March 5+ Mix

Posted in music by heliopath on March 29, 2012

Hey guys here is my march 5+ mix for this month.

1. Sbtrkt – Go Bang

2. Bassnectar – Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix)

3. Kraddy – Heart Anthem (kLL Smth Remix)

4. Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN

5. Benga – I Will Never Change

6. Die & Break – Peace & Dub (Feat. MC Fats)

7. Bonobo – The Keeper (Banks Remix)

8. Ryan York – Sea Water

9. Consequence – Lime Green

10. Amon Tobin – Night Swim (Lorn Reel)

11. Fred V & Grafix – Just A Thought

Its downloadable from Soundcloud.


~ Heliopath

february 5+

Posted in music by hydeph on February 19, 2012

I’ll go along with the idea to post 5+ things to represent what I’ve been listening to each month.

Stream it on 8tracks
Download a zip     9 songs, 47 mins., 95mb (open the .m3u playlist)

1. Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless [“Attack On Memory” 2012]
2. Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi – Subsequently [“Still You Lay Dreaming: Tales for the Stage, II” 2011]
3. The Knocks Ft. Mandy Lee – Midnight City (M83 Cover) [2012]
4. Andrew Bird – Night Sky [“Norman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” 2011]
5. The Pauses – The Leap Year [“A Cautionary Tale” 2011]
6. Rabbit Rabbit Radio – Hush, Hush [“Vol. 1 – Feb. 2012” 2012]
7. Chad Vangaalen – Rabid Bits of Time [“Norman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” 2011]
8. John Williams – The Planet Krypton [“Superman The Movie” 1978]
9. Wolves in the Throne Room – Ahrimanic Trance [“Black Cascade” 2009]

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Whales and Cops — Where are they now?

Posted in music by Britt Melewski on December 21, 2011

The other day, I came back to a band that I stumbled upon (or Hydeph did, haha) a number years ago I can’t discern. They are a bleepy post-punk math rock band from Philly . . . or were? I’m not sure?! Help find them if you can! Either way, I think they are definitely worth a listen.


Luke Jonhson did a better job than I would have at the explain-y compare-y literature. Check out his article here.



They are fun. I wish I could have seen them live. –Sorry Luke– Their sound reminds me a bit of Shore Leave from Boston MA (a band I LOVED seeing perform live back in my earlier years, sigh).


Wires Under Tension

Posted in music by Britt Melewski on December 18, 2011

 f \propto \sqrt{T}   

Wires Under Tension, a post-rock duo from the Bronx, came to the Printed Matter benefit party at 285 Kent Ave on South 1st Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and absolutely smashed it.

As much as Wires Under Tension is a verbose how-to-play manual tip for string instruments—their potential effusions when cranked and released— the nom de band also works as a fruitful metaphor.  Christopher Tignor and Theo Metz explore sound’s potential.  Each song evolves into a journey toward an emotional crux: songs build and break, soar and wane.  They shift meditatively, change direction, and pull listeners along with them.  They hook your gut with a melody and tug.

In some ways, these guys remind me of Berg Sans Nipple, but with a sharper edge, a hint of aggression.  But Tignor’s sampling, string play, and work on the keys, coupled with Metz’s hard worn, tight percussion make them completely their own.  The one word that comes to mind when I think of Wires Under Tension is TOGETHERNESS.  It seems like the performers are in each other’s head.

I sort of blew it: I didn’t have the equipment to record any of the show.  Even if I did, I would have been dancing too apoplectically to steady a camera.  SO, anyone who did record a song or two ( I saw about 40 iphones doing this business), let us at Underground Airline know . . . We’ll link to your treasure.

Alas, here are links to some Wires Under Tension videos:

Enjoy these wonderful songs!

Wires Under Tension also has an album for sale. It’s called Light Science.  Check it out here. Get it! Get it!

dub phizix

Posted in music by heliopath on December 14, 2011

more fresh london sounds

Heliopath’s november guide for some music to check out

Posted in music by heliopath on November 28, 2011

Whadup world!

A London November sunset at 3:51 pm

According to me there are two things that make underground airline great:

1. Painfully erratically updates

Rather than compete with all those cluttered over-hyped noise blogs with 4 posts/hour, trying desperately to blog about something “new” and “hip” before someone else does. fuck that. 

We here at underground airline take our sweet ass time to handpick just the best. Things we really think is worth putting out there. Time and age of discovery is irrelevant. So deal with it. Follow/Subscribe to the blog so you get alerted when we post new things. It’s much nicer than having to check it all the time anyway.  


2. A Mixed bag

Three of us have such diverse styles of what we listen to. While there is certainly some overlap we do tend to venture far out into our own respective fields of taste. So our posts follow no predestined formula. They just evolve as our listening habits do, pulling you in different directions.

For me personally music is all about atmosphere. I want music to surround the room I am in and create a unique experience of a moment. I am big on soundtracks but at the same time music should not simply feature in the background. It should draw out emotions or highlight an emotional context. An active atmospheric soundscape that floods the mind like it floods the room. Ok ill stop with the flamboyant adjectives before I go back to sounding like one of the regular music blogs that i slashed out above.

Enough with the chatter, here are some people I am excited about these days:


Free The Robots

i heard about him once from a Gaslamp Killer interview, similiar sounds:



impulse remix


Nicolas Jaar 

with him one needs to exercise a little patience to let him get to where he’s going. Then when he gets there he doesn’t stay long enough. Fantastically delicate work. 




Why Didn’t You Save Me



Jon Hopkins

From the UK provides glitched out cinematic sounds



and his gritty intense nosaj thing remix

Listen well and feel free to share your thoughts with us below. 

Neptune – Silent Partner cd release party!

Posted in music by Britt Melewski on November 4, 2011

Hello there. I’m very very very excited to be headed to Brooklyn’s Union Pool this Sunday night for an evening of music and art with Neptune.

Click on Neptune’s video tab to get a sample of what they’re capable of.

I recommend that everyone with the time and the money (only ten dollars!) come out to see Neptune’s home-crafted instruments in action.  Great music and inspiring sculpture.  This is a performance you will never forget– promise.

cd release party!


@ Union Pool

484 Union Avenue # A  Brooklyn, NY 11211-3440


October – Britt – Top 5 – Boo

Posted in music by Britt Melewski on October 28, 2011

picture courtesy of Dustin Racioppi

It’s a bright 28th day of October here in New Jersey. The temperature is mild with a minor cut of chill– 50 degrees in the sun. But there is snow in tomorrow’s forecast! Now I’m excited. Abrupt transformation, utter change upon us in what seems like a moment. We never ask for this change, but receive in kind, in time.

In his book Vectors, James Richardson—great poet and aphorist—teaches us something wonderful. “During the hottest months, the sun is moving away from us, during the coldest, coming back.” Sigh . . . yea. And it goes, and it goes.

I was challenged by my long-time friend and musical counterpart— Heliopath—to post my “top 5” on a monthly basis. I love the idea. And here is what’s at the top of the heap in the month of October.

1. Battles – Sundome (album version)     (instrumental)  or (live)
2. Victory at Sea – Animal and the Weather
3. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – How Do I Let a Good Man Down?
4. Metal Fingers – Sumac Berries
5. Eleanor Friedberger – Roosevelt Island

—Small Devices—

Posted in music by Britt Melewski on May 31, 2011

In the dungeon-y basement of New York City’s Lit Lounge Small Devices’ “Snowflakes” proves that music can demonstrate the behavior of fire: it’s unpredictable reach; it’s churning rhythm, a movement of its own: Delay. Power. Unadorned music risking itself with its austerity.

courtesy of Small Devices' myspace pg.













An unblemished strength of Small Devices exists in their arrangements.  The drums are clear; keys—in their 80s-ish wind—perform their own bending dance.  Guitarists interview as potential hospitable whips for a deep-coma patient’s awakening.

The space in the song where most other bands would clutter it with a bunch of shit, Small Devices lets each instrument breathe, each note ring and react to hearing itself in the monitor.  They let the hums be hums, lights be light, and cetera be c.

Small Devices might be in it’s earliest germ stage, but they have a microbiologic effect that, in all it’s smallness, coolly breaks away from the reproduction of former models.  Yes, there might be the To Record Water drum-gun of J. Frusciante, the late-night buzz-crawl spaciness of Boards of Canada, the howl of confident guitar feedback.  But, as one band members gibes, “we’re not fucking Blond Redhead, okay?”  And I agree: they are, literally, not Blond Redhead, they’re Small Devices, goddamn it.

It’s rare that a song becomes an apparatus for ethereal travel—when you’re transported, flown somewhere unfamiliar and dropped with the beat as some distant, foreign, conveyor.

In times like these I break out the pen, write on my skin: remember this band; remember Small Devices.


links to websites with songs:



a youtubule  link to a performance of “snowflakes”:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-OwbqPzc0U


Small Devices is a Brooklyn; watch out for a live show near you.